I am deeply grateful to the Alternatives to Violence Project; the basis of Peace Work
Noelle Pollet
AVP provided me healing & purpose ...just payin' it forward! Click for the gift of a Peace Work Tool Kit
The Heart Circle Mission is to Facilitate Unity. This is accomplished by promoting the spread of Peace Work® under its own or any other name. Peace Work is a remarkably transformative community-building circle process modeled after the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP)*

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Peace Work

"Peace Work" and Related Processes Facilitate what Martin Luther King Jr. Termed: "Beloved Community"

What is Peace Work?

Peace Work is... a thoroughly engaging and powerfully transformative group process, the benefits of which can include individual healing and transformation, interpersonal-skill development and the co-creation of  beloved (richly bonded, inclusive) community.

While at Heart Circle Consulting, Peace Work is primarily tailored for peer supporters (people who've traveled up the road apiece from hardships associated with psychiatric diagnosis and/substance addiction who assist others with same), it can be adapted and is intended for everyone with an interest!










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Peace Work is Inspiring!

It offers a taste of "healthy pack..." ...as in humans in a bonded community projecting and reflecting our intrinsic value and goodness. Something we may not even believe of ourselves when we first sit down in the circle.  Metaphors and uplifting ideas can illuminate and enrich Peace Work activities.  Take what you like share our own!

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